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Jacob is an experienced composer who works with a wide variety of instrumentations and ensembles. Samples of some of his previous works can be found bellow. For questions about commission opportunities or to learn more about his existing works please visit the "Contact" page.

Midnight Musings

For String Quartet

Midnight Musings serves as a depiction of the sleepless nights that plague many individuals and explores the different states of mind one may experience during nights like these.

A Clothing For The Soul Divine

For SATB Choir

Inspired by poet William Blake's Auguries of Innocence, this piece for a cappella choir explores the unique outlooks on life that Blake seemed to hold. 

Iridescent Felicity

For Trumpet Trio

An exploration of motivic variation, this piece takes the listener through many different forms of a single motive. This varied motive is representative of joy, and the composition explores the different shapes that it may take.

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